Like other fitness enthusiasts, I frequently follow other fitness sites offering advice and training ideas. Hey, education is half the game, right? However, how do you know that the blog you are following isn’t just gimmicky, trending false info that is not helping you to get where you want to go physically?

In my experience, there are things to look out for in fitness blogs to help you determine which blogs are worth following and which blogs actually give you scientific information you can use. These are the things I look for in a fitness blog and will avoid that blog if I see any of the following:

  1. Monetization. If the fitness site I am reading is pushing supplements, weight loss pills and the like, I avoid it like the plague. The sites’ main purpose is to push those supplements, in which most of them don’t work. Did you just go to the site and immediately witness a pop-up trying to sell you supplements? Did you actually have to click out of that window just read the site? I will stop going there. There is nothing to see except supplements and weight loss products that probably don’t work, and if the site’s main purpose is to hawk those supplements, can you really trust the workouts that they are offering?
  2. Lack of scientific evidence. Does the article talk about how the workout will benefit you? Does the article site any research supporting the workout? Did you try the workout and didn’t even feel it? I avoid those, too.
  3. Social Media Fluff. When I find a new fitness site, I usually size it up before it gets a bookmark. Is the site simply loaded with images of the writers booty? Millions of bikini photos? Lots of boob shots? Sure, a little motivation is good here and there but when the site is full of mostly sexually charged photos, how is that going to help you when you are a female trying to sculpt your body? Especially when the work-outs are very weak. I actually once followed a girl on Instagram that was simply showing you proper form on working out as well as many training routines. She did not fill the site with her booty shots and her boobs, I miss her. I tend to take sites more seriously when the site is not clearly catering to 25 year old lonely males with a bottle of mineral oil…you know what I mean. Like I said, a little sexy inspiration is helpful. Masturbation material is not.

Be discerning when finding fitness sites to follow. If you feel that you are not taking anything away that is valuable, why waste your precious time when you could be learning information from credible sites that will actually benefit you?

If you have found any good fitness sites, be sure to comment so we can share credible info.

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