Lake Life…

So, we made it down to North Carolina. Finally. I have waited so many years for that. Now I can finally hit the road looking for a house. I am also itching to get back to work, so focusing on that personal trainer certification is also at the top of the important list.

Because moving to a new state is so taxing, I will admit that I have been trying to get to the lake when possible for some alone down-time. Lord knows, after the past week, I need it more than you can imagine.

Well, I met a friend while I was down there. His name is Henry. (I know, I name everything Henry). Well, Henry found me about halfway down the lake and swam around my paddle boat the entire time I was on the lake. Quite a much needed little friend at the time, believe me!

Or, it was a mama and was just trying to defend her home…

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