Look Who Gets a Change!

What an interesting place I have found myself. I am finally moving out of New York State!!! I have been waiting literally a lifetime for this! But there is more news to tell! This move also comes with a career change! Gone are the days of long, stressful hours as an underpaid social worker. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved my years working in healthcare and social work. It just doesn’t fit where I am in my life right now. I have about 10 more working years left before I am eligible to retire and at this point, I would be willing to take a minimum wage job just to escape the stress! I have searched for several months in what I want to do, and then DB suggested that I look into personal training.

What?! Personal Trainer? I can do that?!

“Of course you can, babe. You can do anything you want.”

So I did just that. I just enrolled in classes! I have until September to take the exam, I am hoping to get through the material sooner than this however. I have been thinking about what population I want to target and I have to say that I keep coming back to women my age. Women struggling with hormone changes. Women struggling with health issues. Women that just want to enjoy the last 20 years of their lives, being able to move without pain. Having energy and range of motion to do the things they did when they were in their 30’s. So, of course, I selected a specialization in women’s fitness. I also selected a specialization in nutrition coaching and corrective movement to prevent injuries.

The next few weeks are sure to be a whirl wind as next week we are setting out to see our accommodations for the next 6 weeks (DB scored some free housing with the job he just snagged!). The week after, we will move and the week after that, I’m full time training and house hunting!

So excited to see where all this goes :). Wish me luck!

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