Weight Training after Menopause

I have been doing a lot of research on the internet lately trying to find sound and true advice for those of us mermaids who have passed menopause and continue to weight train. My biggest interest is the excess production of cortisol that us post-menopausal mermaids suffer from lack of hormones alone let alone added stress in our lives that triggers the production of more cortisol. The result? Constantly fighting the belly.

Sadly, the only information I am really finding in most sites is crap indicating that post menopausal women are frail and so prone to injury that you should not do more than walk daily or do simple calisthenics that doesn’t do crap if you have been weight training your whole life. I still do a workout three days a week including 120 kettlebell swings, 100 or so squats, 50 – 100 glue bridges or hip thrusts, 50 dead lifts, pushups, rows and compound movements that hit all my major muscle groups at once. Walking and calisthenics are not going to do crap to keep me fit and trim.

I do realize that as we age, we suffer injuries easier, so I try to focus on my form and go slow (which gives the added benefit of time under tension when I hold my leg extensions at the top, for example). Sometimes I have been known to try to up my weight too much (the whopping bruise on my left thigh speaks for the 50 65-pound dead lifts I attempted last week, which was pretty stupid indeed and of which I fully deserve) but I only really do that once in a while when I feel like pushing myself. But it does get me in trouble with Babe as I am deviating from my workout plan (Babe is also my trainer).

I am going to continue to scour the internet looking for advice for older female weight trainers, however, I’m just not sure how much I am going to find. But rest assured, I will certainly place my findings here.

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