Fitness Transformation

It has been years since I updated this blog. I was in a different place back then. As time marches on, so does our lives, and let me tell you, time has marched on! Since I last posted, I have been through a divorce, a job change, two address changes, a psychic change and a Body Change! This little slice of my world was dedicated to knitting and tea; which of course, I still do (not so much anymore though), but fitness has become precedent in my life once again. The focus of this little slice of mine will shift from those topics to charting my progress in the final stages of my fitness goals. What makes this so slice of the world so unique is that I am not a younger person. I am a 52 year old woman, which most women my age are not really concerned with their fitness, and those that are and are faced with the challenges of retaining their 30-year-old body despite menopause and the like find no resources out there to either encourage them or assist them along. That’s where this little slice comes in to play. Not only will I chart my progress, but I will also share how I got there. Every struggle, every discipline. So, follow me on this journey…I hope that you will be able to find your journey as enriching!

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