The Tea Spot: Earl of Grey


The first thing I have to say about Earl Grey tea is that I hate it.  Well, I used to love it.  See, I drank WAY too much of it back in 2007, and when you have too much of a good thing, it begins to get gross.  Like Subway.  Or S’Mores.  Anyway, I was a little dismayed to see that my subscriptions shipment came with Earl Grey tea…or Earl of Grey.  Well, better not knock it until you try it.  After all, it’s been over 10 years!  Honestly, I think I was just sick of the bergemot.

At any rate, I brewed it in my new steeper and it smelled soooo good…and no gagging!  (remember too much of a good thing?). Then I tried it.  It is not at all what I remember Earl Grey tea to be!  I am thinking that is because the ingredients are a little different.  Most bagged Earl Grey tea (which is what I was drinking) is a blend of black teas with bergamot.  Well, this Earl of Grey tea is more flavorful including citrus rind, mallow flowers, citrus and vanilla flavorings.  WOW!!!  This is soooo good!  You can definitely taste the flowers and citrus in the aftertaste.  I think I may be able to drink Earl of Grey tea!  Good thing I have enough to brew about 4-5 more cups!

What tea are you drinking lately?

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