Day 3: 30 Day Knitting Challenge

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (Work in Progress)?

More like what isn’t on my needles!

Let’s see…I have a mystery transitional cowl that I am finishing up the last clue for:



I was once again seduced by Jimmy Beans Wool Tosh Shawl KAL.  Last year’s looked like clown vomit to me, but in all fairness of the project, I used my own stash yarn matching the colors as closely as possible.  This year I actually purchased the subscription and so far are way happier with this shawl…here is month one and two, beginning month three…



I also started a sweet little cotton nightie for the summer called Hush-Hush…I only got the bottom started before my appendix decided to blow up!



Several years ago, I decorated my kitchen in farmhouse reds, light grey and corals.  I found this nice little dishtowel set from Purl Soho, purchased the sport weight linen yarn and started knitting.  I embarrassingly started this towel on April 2, 2017 and I still don’t have one dishtowel finished!  Better get going!



I also started a sweater which I showed in a previous post…yea well, the progress is still the same on that!


So, after exposing all my WIPs, as well as a few I haven’t shared (beekeepers blanket and gnome homes), I have decided to follow the attitude of The Corner of Knit and Tea…No New Caston’s in the Month of April!!!!

What WIPs do you have going on?

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