Tea Subscriptions?!


It all started with Baby’s LootCrate subscription…btw, Baby is a 21 year old male college student.  He got the coolest geek and fan girl/boy stuff once a month.  One month he even got a stuffed Thomas from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (!!My Fave Horror Movie!!), put it away and then gave it to me for my birthday that year!  I love my Thomas!


Anyway, soon afterwards, I found YarnBox where I have held various subscriptions.  I recently cancelled it so I could go on a yarn diet…in a few 30 Day Knitting Challenge days, you will see why when I have to reveal my stash!!!  I digress.  So I was going to my favorite online tea shop to order more peppermint loose leaf tea (way better than bagged teas) as I used mine all up when dealing with that appendix fiasco two weeks ago.  I decided to see what other options there were and that’s when I found The Tea Spot.  It’s an organic tea company from Colorado and the reviews on the peppermint loose leaf tea piqued my interest enough to try theirs instead of my usual standby company.  As I began to dig through the website to see what kind of offerings they had, I found their tea subscription.  What?! Tea Subscription!  That is perfect as I have been slamming through my tea over the last several weeks and are starting to run low.  Therefore, I signed up for the subscription!


I cannot believe how fast the shipping was!  I just ordered the teas two days ago and they are here already!  My old standby tea company takes about a week to a week and a half to be delivered.  Plus for The Tea Spot!

The shipment came with six different teas, all in self-seal foil envelopes holding about 5 servings.


The introductory shipment also came with a food-grade silicone tea infuser.  I know, like a need another one, but hey, this one collapses so it can go with you!


I also got a steeping guide and an informational postcard with a recipe!

As I try these teas, I will share them with you.  Look for posts coming soon!

What subscriptions do you have or should I ask how many subscriptions do you have?

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