Who is this Mermaid girl?


So it occurred to me that I never formally introduced myself or the purpose of my blog.

Well, for starters, I am the mermaid who lives in a frozen sea!

No really, I’m a 50 year old mom and wife on the East Coast living in close proximity to Lake Erie.  I am a Program Director for an Alzheimer’s special care residential facility which consumes much of my time and energy…I do love my dementia folks, though.  They give me purpose as well as lots of love.  My husband SalesGuy and I met after we had families, so ours is a blended one.  My children consist of Gamer, the 21 year old male college student; FanGirl, my 23 year old daughter finishing up cosmetology school and Bunny, my 30 year old daughter who works in a medical office – who has Mini-Bunny, my first biological grandson who is turning 6 in June.  My stepchildren are Eldest – 34 year old with 2 daughters 12 and 8,  Teenie – 32 years old with one 11 year old daughter and Baby – 30 years old.

Since I love to knit, knitting is what this blog is all about.  Well, knitting, tea and maybe a few things in my life as they come up.  With my line of work, I don’t have much time for anything else.  When I’m not working, I’m working on some symposium presentation or CEU class to publish.  I’m not a FaceBook person and feel that blogging keeps me connected to the world outside of my own busy microcosm, but keeps it a little more anonymous.  I’m probably just kidding myself.

So the story behind the name:  Well, the beach is in my soul.  I was born an eight hour drive from the ocean trapped in a city that gets snow for probably 8 months out of the year.   I live here against my will, hate the cold and lament that I only get maybe 2 months of summer weather.  The humidity is also unbearable here…way worse than Florida or the Carolina’s.  It is much more oppressive and thicker here.  Besides, it smells better in the south.  Sure, I get to enjoy Lake Erie, but after you have been to the ocean, Lake Erie is just a stinky, dirty mud puddle with lots of dead fish on the shore.  Not the same.  I have been trying to move to the ocean for a long time now, specifically the coast of Carolina…I have come to accept the fact that I may never get there…at least not for another 10 or so years.  SalesGuy does not do well with change so therefore, prefers life to always be the same old thing.  Ugghhh.

On an up note, I do go to the ocean once a year.  I can’t wait until I can say that I get to go back to Western New York once a year!  I will be going to Virginia Beach in June to present at a symposium…will be staying a few more days to enjoy the beach.  And yes, I do collect a little sand from every beach I have been to!

So I hope you join me in my attempts to keep up this blog and share my knitting, tea and snippets of my life!

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