Another WIP…

The second thing I have started is Recoleta by Joji Locatelli.  It is a lace cardigan that I think would fit perfectly with my wool/alpaca blend.  I knit another sweater with this yarn last year and find that it is way too warm in a tight-knit fabric.  I wear only on days lower than 10 degree farenheit, unless I am in my house.  Then I will wear it when it’s less than 25 degrees.  It’s so hard to keep my house warm!  I love the manipulation of the yarn, but you simply cannot binge watch TV while working on this one!


My progress so far so crazy slow…maybe I will be able to wear this next winter!  See, I always get the itch to knit warm woolens after the holidays when it is bitter cold and snowy in Buffalo.  By the time I finish them, it is wayyy toooo late!

Do you have this same late season itch?

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