What Am I Working On?


You will soon find that I have that dreaded affliction of Knitting ADHD.  I always have at least three projects going on at any given time!  I don’t know why I do that to myself…I guess I just get bored knitting on the same project without reprieve.  Or is it because I plan so many things I want to knit that if I don’t start them all, they will never get done!


My most pressing project is Yukon River Stockings  by Cheryl Toy of Little Church Knits.  I follow her blog, Little Church, saw these awesome, cozy wool stockings and just had to have them!  The pattern is printed in the Winter 2018 edition of Interweave Knits Magazine.  I purchased the digital version so I could reduce clutter in my knitting room and the patterns print up oh, so easy on my MacBook.  It’s a little slow going at first for me, but I have been so consumed with work lately.  I am really trying to regain some of my knitting pleasure!

What is your most pressing project?



One comment

  1. Oh I love your beautiful project mitts. Im’ just loving my shawl knit up. It is not pressing though. My winter gifts were finished well ahead of time last year, so I may have to start some winter gift thoughts soon. I like to be ahead of the calendar!


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