Happy 2018!


I always have such big wishes at the beginning of the year…knit this, lose a few pounds, work out more, get this done, get that done, etc.  But I have such a hard time following through the entire year.  I am hoping that this year will be different.

Some goals I have set for myself…

Knitting Fun:

  • Try to knit more give-away things.  For every item I knit for myself, I want to knit something (or some things) for someone else.
  • Get through that stash of acrylic that Aunt Becky gave me…use it for knitting preemie blankets to be donated to Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo.
  • Knit away all my super bulky and bulky yarns…getting them all out of my stash.  I wish I could say I will do the same with my worsted yarn but maybe that can be a goal for 2019!
  • I wish I could realistically say I would like to start designing this year, but I guess we will have to revisit this on December 31, 2018 to see how I did!


  • Complete the 30 Day Knitting Challenge…but I will be taking a year to do it.  This will mean several posts a month
  • Follow along with a year long knitting blanket project that I started last year and dropped very soon after January!  Whew!
  • Make more connections and knitting/tea friends!

And just to keep myself accountable…some work goals for 2018

  • Attain my CADDCT certification (basically a certified dementia practitioner trainer)
  • Speak at a symposium
  • Develop a couple CEU classes


So, Cheers!  Here’s to 2018!



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